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Parents/Players:  will be filming, and in some cases live streaming all home Sockers Academy games this year. I am proud to say I have filmed for Sockers Academy for the last 6 years and think we have a great program to get valuable footage to both families and Sockers coaches for evaluation. 


Game Footage Ordering website:


Gametape info:


I am offering 2 different options this year- no price increases!.  You can purchase a game link which allows you to share the game online with college coaches, family members etc...for 12.99 OR for 29.99 you get a link which allows you to download the footage and you can make highlights, the 29.99 option comes with a personal use copyright release.


Some FAQs Answered:


How to order?

Each week  will be updated with that week’s game to order.


Why is there a charge for livestreaming?

I have to stream over Verizon cellular - and the stream is hosted on a private/secure site - these costs add up quickly- between private hosting fees and cellular it runs me $50 a game. 


When will I get my order?

All purchased game links will be sent via email within 3 business days after the game.


I need a quick clip of a goal or play- Can you help?

If you just want a single clip for youtube, just call me/email me and I can cut out a high quality HD MP4 clip at a very reasonable price for you.  I also offer full highlight packages- email me for info.


What will my link look like?

The sample below is what you will receive (appearance is the same regardless of copyright release option).

password: sample


 What is the difference between a game viewing link and a game download?

A game HD link (12.99 option) is non-reproducible, it is great for online watching, distributing to schools, and using it for personal growth.  You may not remove footage, post footage or make copies of any type from this link.  This is a great option for giving college coaches your footage.


Download (29.99 option)  You may download HD footage of the edited game, or just watch in HD online.  After you download, you can burn DVDs, cut up the video to use for highlights, and send footage to college coaches.  The download comes with a personal use copyright release.


Why so strict on Copyright?


When you make unauthorized copies of my footage- the footage deteriorates in quality.  Yet my logo is still running on the bottom. It makes my business looks as if I produce a low-quality product.  I have worked hard to have NCAA,  NSCAA., US Soccer, USYSA, and major North American Clubs as repeat customers year after year.  I don’t want them doubting my filming style because you have decrypted my footage and posted a blurry video on youtube.


All major internet video hosting sites have my logo on file when I am notified that you have posted footage, and if you haven't purchased a copyright release, I will have your video removed.  


I am looking forward to a great season of USSDA soccer!


If I can answer any questions please don't hesitate to email

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